:boost_no: PSA on Werefox Isekai, COVID mention 

Yeah so. That was kind of a whole lot and we've been traveling and having folks visit for a couple months. We very much need some time to relax and be to ourselves. There are still more folks we want to visit, and we are going to be making trips to see our partners again eventually as well, but for now we need a break.

We don't know when we're going to be starting up Werefox Isekai again, but given the state of the unpleasantness as well, it might be a while. :blobcatumm:

We know there are quite a few of y'all that wish to see us and we do want to see as many of y'all as we can, but the system is pretty tired right now. Hopefully, y'all have enjoyed keeping up with us through this and understand our need for some time away from it. :teal_cyber_heart:
-Ada, on behalf of the Werefox system

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