We very much recommend checking it out, especially if you are viewing Mastodon on an Android device, since it is a progressive web app that supports push notifications and is built to be viewed on a mobile device. :teal_cyber_heart:​

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Streaming now works on https://pina.werefox.dev if you are connected to https://masto.werefox.dev.

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Hey, we finally fixed the Pinafore issue.

Our instance's streaming_api_url was set to "https://[thing]" instead of "wss://[thing]".

Going to be running some updates today on the servers before we head out for the various trips. Just a heads up.

re: linuxing 

@violet that's understandable. Manjaro can bring its own pains when it comes to that anyway. We've had many an issue with they way it attempts to handle graphics drivers, for instance.

"Alexis Scarlet Werefox" as our legal name?


@Zauberin @reno aaa!! That's right!! Happy birthday to you too!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

@asonix aaaa weh weh weh weh thank you!! Love you, dork,,,, ;w; πŸ’™

re: figuring out my day 

@behold3r @karma her voice is so so soothing I love it,,, πŸ’™

re: runescape, dragon 

@karma so how was the make out se-
I mean tutoring session?

re: runescape 

@karma that's my girlfriend right there.
shows her two other girlfriends that are with her
Also @Elizafox get in here. UwU

Incredibly lewd audio tech joke 

Introducing: the JBL blowjob machine.
"Finally, a sex toy for the avid audio enthusiast."
You'll never jack yourself off to Abbey Road the same again!

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