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Running upgrades, things are gonna go down for just a bit.

re: HRT celebration 

It's gonna be really great next month, that's when I'm most excited. Partners visiting, birthday, and also 9 month month-iversary all within a week. :blobfoxmeltsoblove:​

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HRT celebration 

I don't think I've made a post today yet, but it is my 8 month month-iversary of being on HRT today. :blobfoxhappy:​

I am doing this. πŸ’™ :heart_trans:​

When my partners / love interests shower me with affection 

fox whines
giggles so hard she can't breathe

Take your pick, it's usually a combination of these. :blobfox3c:β€‹πŸ’™

Monitors: "Here's a Line Out, so you can plug your headphones into our device and hear the things."

Me: "That sounds useful let me pl-"

Monitor: "lmao okay but actually it's only for the line-in audio."

Me: "....."

There may be continual temporary outages as I work on bringing the services back up. Apologies.

Forgot to do a post saying so, but we are messing with the network setup over here.

If all goes well, everything will be finally running directly out of our apartment instead of being routed through a VPS which is :blobfoxfingerguns:​

Currently, this instance has successfully been set up to do so.

UwU (subtooting) 

Hi I love Karma and I love Elly.

That's it, that's the whole post.

ADHD and societal perception of mental disorders 

It's always interesting to me to see folks do talks on recent developments in understanding ADHD. There was a line in a video I just watched that said "ADHD is a very complex disorder," and I really wish that was much better understood by the general populous.

It has been far too long that they hand wave the entire thing as "not being able to pay attention to things," because nowadays more and more we are understanding that there is a lot that can come out of suffering from this disorder.

If the public perception of ADHD were more understanding of that, I wouldn't have grown to learn that I should hide my symptoms as best I can and not complain. More of my friends and relatives would understand what I'm going through and be able to handle it effectively. I would be more able to seek proper treatment for my really terrible symptoms as well.

I truly long for a day when this changes.

"main" branch instead of "master" branch 

Just issued a git init and got this message:

hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
hint: is subject to change. To configure the initial branch name to use in all
hint: of your new repositories, which will suppress this warning, call:
hint: git config --global init.defaultBranch <name>
hint: Names commonly chosen instead of 'master' are 'main', 'trunk' and
hint: 'development'. The just-created branch can be renamed via this command:
hint: git branch -m <name>

It's a start... I still wish it would just go ahead and default to main, though. At least I can set the default to something else now.

re: Passing thoughts on Dominance, being a Dom, and consent; long post/thread 

Apologies for this being a bit of a long thoughtpost thread, but I felt like this needed to be laid out. I have heard of and watched too many subs be taken advantage of, and I have heard of and watched too many Doms assume and abuse consent in ways like this. Please be safe, but certainly have fun out there. πŸ’™

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re: Passing thoughts on Dominance, being a Dom, and consent; long post/thread 

From a sub's point of view, it can be very calming and helpful to hear that reassurance. Understand that as a sub, you should always be wary and point out if you feel a Dom has assumed your consent in any way. D/s dynamics are ones where control is afforded to one party from another, and not taken.

When you move to frame the dynamic in this light, I assure you that it will be much much easier to spot out red flags in a Dom. Remember that a Dom does not deserve your respect simply by being a Dom. You are and should always feel like you may object and say "no". You are giving a Dom control, they are not taking it.

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re: Passing thoughts on Dominance, being a Dom, and consent; long post/thread 

"I didn't hear a 'no'" is a phrase I don't often say around any sub I am with, and is certainly followed up with some form of reassurance such as "I still need to hear a 'yes' or 'no'," or "not saying 'no' doesn't imply consent." There are two reasons for wanting to do this.

One is to reassure my sub that they can always object to things. Ensure that they always feel they have the power to consent or not consent to any action I take, regardless of the situation. I find reassurance in general is critical in these dynamics as well, as it establishes a trust in the relationship itself, which will often lead to all sides having a better time overall.

The second is to have a clear signal of consent for the actions I will take. In this way, all parties are able to be very clear in their objections or acceptance of any form of play. It establishes the idea that "assuming" consent is not a possibility.

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Passing thoughts on Dominance, being a Dom, and consent; long post/thread 

As a Domme, I tend to think quite a bit about consent. Sure, the occasional fantasy where I think about just doing a thing is hot and stuff, but for me consent is paramount. If I were to reframe BDSM, or even just D/s dynamics as a set of pillars, consent would be one of them.

The current concept I've been tossing around in my mind today is the concept of "I didn't hear a 'no'." In order to be sure I cover both sides of this, I am going to frame this from the point of view of a submissive and a Dominant. I feel like as much as this is a bit of a general advice thread for Dominants primarily, submissives should also read these in order to gain a better understanding of what "good, healthy behavior" for a Dominant looks like. Remember that while you agree to be bound to a Dom, you should never feel stuck.

Wombs are an example of the halting problem, but without the check to see if there will be a halt.

Gonna be down for some amount of time while I upgrade, not quite taking the servers down yet.


Please consider: Ashbunny good. πŸ’™

@rey i hope you know I'm counting this as being boosted by Ambassador again heheheee

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