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Stuff will be going down again momentarily for updates/upgrades. Figured we should attempt to get that out of the way while we're at it.

subtoot, affection 

"Not all of my clothes are in the dishwa-"
"... dishwasher????"

She's so fucking cute and we love her so much. πŸ’™ -Alice

Gonna be running upgrades real quick, things might go down again for a sec.

re: Begpost / sticker ad. 

Hey, y'all can feel free to boost this, but I mainly made it unlisted so I could pin it tbh.

I know I've been saying for ages I'd have a sticker shop open for y'all, and that's still something I wanna do, but life has been super chaotic and I just haven't had the spoons or focus to be able to do it. :blobfoxheart:​

Hope that is still understandable.

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Begpost / sticker ad. 

Hey, y'all

I'm ordering more :alexis:​ Alexis stickers. I wanna get 50 cus that will be enough to give at least one to everyone in my polycule and still have plenty afterwards to give to friends and such.

I have enough to cover costs, but it would be cool if y'all could send a little money my way. This is just another little something nice I wanna do, and I think it would be cool to be able to hand these out to folks when I meet them. :blobfoxmeltsoblove:​

Anything would be appreciated! I know some of y'all would likely be interested in buying some of these at some point as well, trust me, we're still wanting to get that sorted out for these and the Xenia stickers.

Donation links:

lewd sounding, but not lewd 

Elly just keeps drilling, my goodness~
When's it gonna stop? :blobfox3c:​

"How do we come out as plural" -alter 1
"I don't know how do we?" -alter 2

"Y'all." -alter 3

It looks like upgrades went just fine, no issues. We should be stable again. πŸ’™

Running upgrades, things are gonna go down for just a bit.

re: HRT celebration 

It's gonna be really great next month, that's when I'm most excited. Partners visiting, birthday, and also 9 month month-iversary all within a week. :blobfoxmeltsoblove:​

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HRT celebration 

I don't think I've made a post today yet, but it is my 8 month month-iversary of being on HRT today. :blobfoxhappy:​

I am doing this. πŸ’™ :heart_trans:​

When my partners / love interests shower me with affection 

fox whines
giggles so hard she can't breathe

Take your pick, it's usually a combination of these. :blobfox3c:β€‹πŸ’™

Monitors: "Here's a Line Out, so you can plug your headphones into our device and hear the things."

Me: "That sounds useful let me pl-"

Monitor: "lmao okay but actually it's only for the line-in audio."

Me: "....."

There may be continual temporary outages as I work on bringing the services back up. Apologies.

Forgot to do a post saying so, but we are messing with the network setup over here.

If all goes well, everything will be finally running directly out of our apartment instead of being routed through a VPS which is :blobfoxfingerguns:​

Currently, this instance has successfully been set up to do so.

UwU (subtooting) 

Hi I love Karma and I love Elly.

That's it, that's the whole post.

ADHD and societal perception of mental disorders 

It's always interesting to me to see folks do talks on recent developments in understanding ADHD. There was a line in a video I just watched that said "ADHD is a very complex disorder," and I really wish that was much better understood by the general populous.

It has been far too long that they hand wave the entire thing as "not being able to pay attention to things," because nowadays more and more we are understanding that there is a lot that can come out of suffering from this disorder.

If the public perception of ADHD were more understanding of that, I wouldn't have grown to learn that I should hide my symptoms as best I can and not complain. More of my friends and relatives would understand what I'm going through and be able to handle it effectively. I would be more able to seek proper treatment for my really terrible symptoms as well.

I truly long for a day when this changes.

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