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Some thoughts on this domain, services, guidelines 

I haven't revised my guidelines since 2018. I really want to get help from some other moderators on how I can improve things.

As always, this instance and the other services are open for registration and I'm ready to actively moderate and listen to any feedback. The only reason I haven't updated is because of lack of other users.

I don't advertise the instance much because I don't feel like anyone feels compelled to come over, but that should really change. If I can convince anyone to move from some of the highly populated instances over to my little corner of the internet, it's a change for the better. A "hidden" danger of having giant instances is difficulty in moderating the content of those instances. Moving to a smaller one will always benefit the users in that aspect IMO.


Yooka Laylee & the Impossible Lair is a very good game.

StaSS Speedrunning 

New PB: 2:13:57 real time
IGT: 1:36:47

SatSS Speedrunning 

Cool cool cool. I'm getting pretty good at these skips, I think. I think I'll go back and practice some of the first half routes and then I'll do another attempt. I just don't wanna be stuck trying for a few hours again, I wanna be able to make an actual submission.

SatSS Speedrunning 

Dam, that was a really good practice for those skips. I got almost all of them first try that time.

Feels so incredibly satisfying to do boiler early first try

Since when was it not homophobic to be "tolerant" of people who are gay but "not when the person who is gay is someone I know and/or am actively aware of"

I certainly never expected to have the same masked avatar for this long, but it's staying until I no longer feel like I have to keep myself at home for risk of catching a deadly disease.

Really need to get through the unus annus playlist soon.

SatSS Speedrunning, musing 

Maybe I can prove myself wrong in the future on this one, but right now that's what it looks like. If someone finds a way to clip out of bounds without tortoise and newt, that would change things. Another one would be the ability to skip major boss fights.

Other than that, any% OOB won't change much most likely. We'll see.

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SatSS Speedrunning, musing 

I've kinda come to the realization that Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a port of an iOS game and it likely will never get more content, nor find many more skips. I feel like the only direction this game can go is just optimize movement to the fullest extent and find the fastest ways to skip all the other sections.

Games as a Service is a horrible, unsustainable system. The game industry obviously didn't learn their lesson with the MMO model. Any publisher that insists on such a model is worth berating for it.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens Speedrunning 

I think I'll be doing my second attempt next week sometime. I really want to get some more practice into those skips. They really scare me more than the routing does lol

I think the two things I need to practice more are probably Chapter 2 & 3 and the Boiler skips. I am fairly unfamiliar with the route for those Chapters and I am having a world of trouble with both Boiler room early and Boiler room skip.

I'm pretty satisfied with my IGT for the practice saves. The one that's right before the final boss has it at 1:33, which isn't awesome, but it at least is a whole hour faster than my current PB.

I made route maps for all the segments of the game. It's honestly incredibly difficult to convey how the OOB clips work on a map, but no one should be using these maps to determine how to do clips, just for normal non-OOB routing.

So I set up the first half of practice saves, I can practice up to Boiler room skip (basically most of the run up to the OOB skips, half the run if you're doing no OOB).

I'm gonna take a break, the next few saves need to be done by starting from the beginning of the run and getting up to where I am now, and I'm not exactly practiced enough to do that much gaming in one sitting.

I probably made way more splits than I need, but I really just feel like it will help me keep better track of where I am.

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