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Hey! Ever wanted to know more about me? Or just have a decent summary?

You can visit a site I made that will tell you pretty much anything you'd need to know about who I am and what I do. :blobfox3c:​

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oh no oh no for the love of god don't keep boosting this right now lol I haven't been able to send anything out for months aaaaaa
I'm really in no financial position to do so and I need help now cus I don't know how to set up a storefront. ;u;

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This is the most maximum effort shitpost you will get out of me and it's just a self-dunk.

@avie hey so I was trying to show asonix some stuff on Navidrome and I thought you might want to see the absolute hell that is this bad UI scaling interface on mobile web view.

This is gonna be a pretty interesting experience because soon there will be two endpoint nodes on the same local network connected to lmao

Gonna be running some updates before I'm out of town. Instance will go down and other services too for a short while.

🎢 where my haters? where my haters?
I don't got 'em, I'm not famous, no

Putting my hot takes in little hot dog buns so I can eat then later for lunch

Hooking up my mind to a typewriter in order to immediately print my stream of consciousness onto physical sheets of paper which I can hang up all over downtown so people will know that I am existing

Destroying capitalism by tossing my cell phone out the window and into the Sun and then ascending to a higher plane of existence

Taking my copy of Disney's 2008 film, "Bolt" to the local pawn shop to see if I can trade it for a green apple flavored stick of bubble gum

Just gonna go ahead and kill the Twitter bot for a while. Jeez.

oh fuck lmao sorry about that spam an hour ago looks like my friendo got hacked. :blobfoxnotlikethis:​

Making a body pillow to spite the boomer TERFs and transphobes

As A Bit

re: trans / HRT shitposting, lewd 

Why is this getting no interaction it's good lmao

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re: trans / HRT shitposting, lewd 

I'm so sorry lmao

Except I'm really not

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trans / HRT shitposting, lewd 

Alexis girl tf? More like Alexis big titty cum slut tf. πŸ’¦

HRT shitposting 

Yeah my HRT is in the second trimester

So, continuing off my previous post... I went ahead and wrote down "Support Class". It's the first thing I've written using the pens and I'm a bit rusty with my handwriting, but I love it! πŸ’™ :blobfoxhappy:​

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