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Hey once I reach probably around 100 followers I'm locking this account again because I just wanted to allow time for my mutuals to realize I moved instances.

Fire emblem three houses SPOILERS 

Finally got the whole thing working properly... I may have to adjust it some more, though.

System update 

I really hope that silly gitea update script doesn't end up being my magnum opus or some shit

Comp sci, elitism, - 

Open call to action: Moderation app for fediverse software! 

Want to switch away from pixel line of smartphones... Any android suggestions that aren't one plus or Huawei?

Well technically I'm out getting an allergy shot, but as far as my job is concerned I'm home.

I guess I should move that gitea update script to a git repo at some point? I just don't think anyone will be working on it or all that interested anyway.

Nice. I finally wrote an update script for gitea and set up a cron job for it.

Pretty sure my neighborhood just had a test of the emergency alert system because I don't see any weather warnings

Anyone remember when Projared made that video on sailor moon games? Yeah.

That and when he cheated on his wife and solicited nudes from underage girls

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