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@ribbonfemale on Twitter just made this for me on commission!! She's doing Animal Crossing inspired chibi designs of fursonas!!! They're so cute!!
(pssst! This is also a sticker on Redbubble!!

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long post, #introductions 

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job hunting ad. boost+ 


I think I'm gonna order some coffee for tonight. I have some real work to do if I wanna pull this off.

Cannot stress enough that you're gonna wanna follow ebgamesguy by the time this weekend rolls around. Got something special planned.

Wondering what it takes to become as masto famous as the iconic duo
Hypertext and Selonline

Imagining if I got the EB Games guy from the trailer's footage and made a deep fake where I have him read aloud every post made by @ebgamesguy

The best thing about is that I have no idea how long this gag is going to last. We could be memeing about Gamestop and knock-off #gamer versions of fediverse users for weeks and I would still be having a fuckin' time.

We are right now experiencing a Fediverse-wide shitposting renaissance I like to call:

The GamesToppening

I think I've got a plan for this "morning"

  • rearrange my trees in ACNH to form that forest I wanna create
  • decide whether I'm ordering the HTPC server or a replacement monitor, or both
  • server maintenance
  • any daily ACNH activities I can do before work starts again

My mom got some disposable gloves but we all don't go out much so we don't use them too often. I have been using them to pet my sister's #cat because I'm allergic. They work very well.

Patiently waiting for another page of Sel's Notebook to be read to me while I slouch at my desk waiting for another Zoom Meeting to happen.

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