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Hey, I'm Alexis! :alexis: I run a single-user instance and I am a trans-femme furry fox girl that's way too into video games and programming. I'm currently pushing against my ADHD tendencies to motivate myself to do more game development so with any luck you'll see some more of that sometime soon. In the meantime, feel free to explore the links in my bio! Also, I stream sometimes.

Please consider sending a follow request if you're into shitposting on a regular basis and faving all your posts because I want you to know I'm reading them! Just make sure you fill out your bio and at least put up an avatar and display name, since I do review all my follower requests. πŸ’™

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Closing reg for a while. I'm getting about 30 or so spam applications a day, so someone has definitely picked up my subdomain and is just running a bot to send applications and see if they get anything.
If you want to actually reg here, send me a message here or on Twitter.

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This is the most maximum effort shitpost you will get out of me and it's just a self-dunk.

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Some thoughts on this domain, services, guidelines 

I haven't revised my guidelines since 2018. I really want to get help from some other moderators on how I can improve things.

As always, this instance and the other services are open for registration and I'm ready to actively moderate and listen to any feedback. The only reason I haven't updated is because of lack of other users.

I don't advertise the instance much because I don't feel like anyone feels compelled to come over, but that should really change. If I can convince anyone to move from some of the highly populated instances over to my little corner of the internet, it's a change for the better. A "hidden" danger of having giant instances is difficulty in moderating the content of those instances. Moving to a smaller one will always benefit the users in that aspect IMO.


Be the big titty goth gf your teenage mind always wanted to be

Ah, yes. Back to regular 80 degree (~27C) weather in late February. Thank you, Texas.

origin of Alexis Werefox 

It's my name

Also the last name is from my character in Second Life and I just fucking kept it, there's no other lore behind it lol.

beat saber dunking, loud 

Don't tell Zest lol πŸ’™
(still gotta beat Drako, though...)

Memories, Depression, American schools suck fam 

Still remember in middle school that time I got called to read my free writing to the class and it was a poem I wrote about spiraling in depression and feeling like there was no one to help me out (it was themed around sinkholes).

Literally had one kid say "well that was sad" and that's it.

Teachers. Please do better than this. I never received the help I needed for these problems and it fucking sucks.

BDSM, Drone kink, shitpost 

The Commodore PET was actually a terminal to access your drone pets.

Cisnormativity is the idea that in any way, shape, or form being in a relationship with a non-cis person is somehow "lesser" or a "sacrifice" of some kind. It's fucking not. And being in a relationship with a cis person is not inherently better either.

If you fix this terrible concept in your mind, I promise you will be better off for it.

Stuttering and stumbling on your words and needing to repeat yourself because your thoughts are going too fast and too loud and you mess up what you're trying to say.

If I had a Pokesona it would most definitely be Lycanroc. But I can switch forms when I feel like it.

I still think it's hilarious that I'm a Virgo.

Me, the fucking hot fox girl.

lewd-adjacent imagery 

🎢 Makin' girls wet cus they're thinkin' 'bout my fangs around their neck 🎢

Sona art, gift 

@Havneby painted this for me last night and it's just the most wonderful and precious gift I could receive from her and gosh she is such a sweetheart. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Please come and appreciate it with me. It's a super meaningful piece and I love it and her so much.

Hmmmm.... What's a good name for a little circle boi that spouts info

Thanks Best Buy.
I can change the name on my default shipping address yay

But not the name on the account, or the name on the primary address that they will use for account support


Hearing about how others in Texas handled the Winter storm pisses me off so much. We got super fucking lucky that it wasn't so bad for us. It's so much worse in other places. Please understand that.

From Under The Cork Tree is a good album don't you agree, Vanta? :blobfox3c:​

Hey one more post about them.

If you haven't listened to Discovery by Daft Punk then you really fucking should. Just a suggestion. Highly recommend even looking up the music video playlist and going through that, it's a treat.

Personal thoughts on social perception of trans identity 

Don't feel bad for me because I'm trans. Just be happy that you know and that I feel safe enough to announce it clearly. Change the idea in your mind that you should passively pity me and what I'm going through and praise me for being who I am despite that.

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