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#introductions Long Post 

I'm not joking I am trading a box of pokemon and I havd received like 5 dreepy

The amount of times I've received Dreepy in surprise trade is too damn high

Please listen to yule shoot your eye out by fall out boy it's my favorite Christmas song

Seems like still isn't federating my posts for some reason... So here's a link for this month's really late update.

Mood: constantly trying to sneak transgender flag colors into things at work while presenting my assigned gender and staying in the closet

Someone hang out with me tbh I have the whole rest of the day free

pokemon swoosh 

Oh yeah btw guys I got a second shiny this was the first Frillish I encountered in the game too idk what happened.

pokemon swoosh boost+ looking for trades 

I just remembered most of the pokemon trainer girls are Canon ages that are younger than 18 and it made me sad

Where are my female pokemon trainers in their mid 20's

Anyone out there have a has of VBA available that I can check against?

using peach emoji for butt is called being emojisexual send toot

Alexa how do I ask cute girls to give me cheek kisses and huggies send toot

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