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This is the most maximum effort shitpost you will get out of me and it's just a self-dunk.

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Class Games Cafe games for this month have been announced! The next month's streams for me are going to consist of the following games as well as the usual ones:

  • RiME
  • Demon's Crest
  • The Secret of Monkey Island
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:boosts_ok_gay:​ Stream promo, long post 

What's up, Gaymers?

It's ya girl Alexis, streaming some cool content over at

I do variety gayming, some Old School Runescape, speedrunning, and game dev. It's usually a very chill time, please consider stopping by and sharing this around!

Hope you're all staying safe out there and I genuinely hope to see you around next time I'm live. :alexis:​ 💙

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Some thoughts on this domain, services, guidelines 

I haven't revised my guidelines since 2018. I really want to get help from some other moderators on how I can improve things.

As always, this instance and the other services are open for registration and I'm ready to actively moderate and listen to any feedback. The only reason I haven't updated is because of lack of other users.

I don't advertise the instance much because I don't feel like anyone feels compelled to come over, but that should really change. If I can convince anyone to move from some of the highly populated instances over to my little corner of the internet, it's a change for the better. A "hidden" danger of having giant instances is difficulty in moderating the content of those instances. Moving to a smaller one will always benefit the users in that aspect IMO.


what happened to rping I miss that shit bring back rping and sexting tbh yeah I said that

Slide into my DMs except I've invited you and we're rping now

An upsetting thing about being is that everyone in my timezone or close to it is kinda asleep.

How do I get into the cool kids' Discord servers? (I'm in some cool servers but I require MORE)

Family is done watching, Dad wants to watch sports I think. Please directly @ me updates on AOC stream tbh

This is a very great day, go vote y'all please. At least make the effort to do so.

I can't believe we live in a day and age where I can say "yeah I'm watching a politician play one of the most popular games of the year on a Twitch livestream"

Fun fact all of my social media accounts have a pic of me wearing a mask because the pandemic is still a thing and I'm not changing the avi until it's not a thing people need to be as concerned about.

Subtooting someone irl 

Yes, by all means, take off your mask while you loudly hack into your iPhone

Local baristas have a lot of power knowing exactly which drink I order the most tbh

I doubt I'm alone in developing "nervous habits" while diagnosed tbh. I have to believe this is a common thing for ADHD individuals

The ADHD thing 

Nervously swinging my legs when I sit at a high up position

Stellaris is just a good version of the Spore space stage send toot

Should I:
- Go fight a bunch of enemies in an area for a 1/256 chance drop that will help me get to a place easier
- Go fight a different bunch of enemies so I can have a skill level required towards progress for a different item that will help me get to a place easier

Hey uh

Stream is cancelled for today. I'm just really not feeling it. I have to get tested for allergies again tomorrow so I can start on my treatment again eventually, and then I can start taking antihistamines again. Since I do these for fun, I'm not gonna force myself to stream when I don't feel up to it. Thanks for understanding!

I didn't think it was possible, but herb runs are even more profitable in than they are in this is so wild.

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