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I got a variety k-cup box and I decided I'm gonna try to review each of them on here so if you're interested in some coffee k-cup reviews here's a thread for every time I remember to do that.

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This is the most maximum effort shitpost you will get out of me and it's just a self-dunk.

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Some thoughts on this domain, services, guidelines 

I haven't revised my guidelines since 2018. I really want to get help from some other moderators on how I can improve things.

As always, this instance and the other services are open for registration and I'm ready to actively moderate and listen to any feedback. The only reason I haven't updated is because of lack of other users.

I don't advertise the instance much because I don't feel like anyone feels compelled to come over, but that should really change. If I can convince anyone to move from some of the highly populated instances over to my little corner of the internet, it's a change for the better. A "hidden" danger of having giant instances is difficulty in moderating the content of those instances. Moving to a smaller one will always benefit the users in that aspect IMO.


I have two questions:
1 - how many buttons you need for Pokemon R/B/G/Y and S/G/C?
2 - how do you do the thing with the gameboy emulators in code

Strengthening my brand*
* consistently making nonsense shitposts with the same type of humor

If someone does fingerguns at you that means they want to give you two big cans of diet coke

A dating app where the profiles just give you hints on how individuals would prefer to be flirted with instead of their interests.

Lewd shitpost 

I have no one to DM and I must fuck
-The best selling New York Times book

I very much appreciate short girls tbh. Big girls are neat too, but they aren’t my personal preference. Regardless, girls are good.

My name is MooseSun and I am a 26 foot warrior's cat OC.

Life really isn't what my slice of life harem anime childhood brought me up to believe.

Lemme go check on my harem real quick gimme a second.

Wait my bed's still empty nevermind I forgot I don't have one.

When I'm asleep I imagine my mutuals are just like "oh jeez thank God now the timeline will be quiet for the next 6-10 hours" and then I wake up in the middle of the night to say some shit and boost a furry girls bot post and they cancel me for jump scares without a trigger warning

I couldn't make it on Tinder because I just kept asking girls to watch High School Musical with me for the thousandth time

It's the dance of Italy
It's the dance of Italy
It's the dance of Italy

It's actually kinda upsetting to not have anyone to talk to about Unus Annus tbh, and it's unlikely I ever really will. There were a lot of viewers, but it's still a small proportion of the amount of people even just one the Internet.

People really out there having immense thirst for Markiplier like "how'd he do it" and I'm just here having watched his whole transition over the last year like "he made a video every day for a year and didn't get a haircut lmao"
Also shoutouts to his personal trainer @Hybr1d_One

I can't believe I just made a post describing the fediverse smh

A dating game but all the participants are furries and the same sexual orientation and we all just talk about our experiences with Yu-Gi-Oh the animated series Season 1 and Sonic X

If you can't take the heat, get 

me another heatsink. This one is really cheap and I bet it's using some terrible form of metal to disperse things, honestly we would do better if we just introduced a liquid cooling loop, but then we would need a fan or two and passive cooling in the kitchen seems like a better idea since it'll be quieter for the time being.

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