Mood: constantly trying to sneak transgender flag colors into things at work while presenting my assigned gender and staying in the closet

@shadow8t4 they can't fire you for being trans can they?
you would look cute in female cloths like a skirt.

@Darkness_89 that's probably the boldest statement anyone's made to me in a while thanks I think Wowie

Anyway, no. They can't and won't. I don't come out because of choice, not fear. I just also like to leave hints for anyone actually paying enough attention lol. Also, I do appreciate the sentiment, but I really prefer presenting Male atm. I don't feel comfortable wearing women's clothing with my current figure.

@shadow8t4 sorry i didn't mean to sound bold 😅
i just wanted to give a compliment.
i didn't think you could be fired but didn't know if you live in a country that could.

@Darkness_89 it's all good I'm in the US. I would say it's questionable depending on the state at that point but my employer wouldn't allow it for sure. Neither do I think any of my supervisors would file something.

I do appreciate the compliment, though. ^^ I just don't get compliments like that too often.

@shadow8t4 I think you would look quite feminine, maybe like Sneaky he is a guy. pic is him.

@Darkness_89 yeah that seems accurate tbh I would just also be a bit fatter and not have tits and have to really work on my makeup game. :P

Sorry, I am fully aware I'm awful at taking compliments... ^^; That's really sweet of you, I'm flattered you think so. I have been told I'm fairly feminine as is lol

@shadow8t4 i think the tits are fake, but damn he makes a great Bowsette.
nice talking to you.

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