Can someone send me a good tutorial? I want to learn how to do it properly but my ADHD makes it difficult to read the book/documentation so any kind of interactive or video intro/overview would be absolutely excellent.

@shadow8t4 do you know some already? I just look up stuff all the time, these days you don't have to write lifetimes most of the time so you can just pick things on the go

@charlag I know some.


A @ wrote a majority of it, though. I was just there to try and learn. It was really just a translation from C++.


I found this one to be nice and concise. It's split into small bite-sized chunks and it's a good primer for the entire language which gives a solid base to build off of.

@shadow8t4 I was recently looking videos from Ryan Levick on Youtube. Some are introducing beginners notions. If you already set up rust compiler on your machine, some of these videos might be a good start.
The first one is general
The second one is about String

@shadow8t4 I'd love to hear what you find with this. It's a language I've been wanting to play with for a while now.

@shadow8t4 in general, this weekly news letter is proposing videos (not everything is for beginners) so you can take a look.

@woshilapin I feel like my friend who regularly programs rust has mentioned this at least once, thank you for the input!

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