block rec, transphobia, f slur

  • federates with gab instances
  • shit tier ToS
  • pleroma instance
  • this garbage

block rec, transphobia, f slur 


gawddamn, that ain't good

*looks a little, finds a toot from the one actively-posting admin celebrating a screenshot of a cw for racism and homophobia*

yeah byebye, god is there a single pleroma out there that is NOT full of anime girl icons and this kind of shit. Thanks for the heads up.

block rec, transphobia, f slur 

@shadow8t4 ah yea I remember seeing this user. I hope they learn a lot through their 20s

block rec, transphobia, f slur 

@shadow8t4 Worth noting this person also has their own instance at, so... block 'em both.

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