:boosts_ok_gay:​ personal promo, long post 

What's up, Gaymers?

It's ya girl Alexis, I'm gonna be officially streaming some cool content Tuesdays and Thursdays over at

I do variety gayming, some Old School Runescape, speedrunning, and game dev. It's usually a very chill time, please consider stopping by and sharing this around!

If you enjoy what ya see and wanna help support me doing this kind of stuff, consider sending over some financial assistance! I'd sincerely appreciate it.

Hope you're all staying safe out there and I genuinely hope to see you around next time I'm live. :alexis:​ 💙

re: :boosts_ok_gay:​ personal promo, long post 

Why the heck did I not tag this with oh my gosh lol

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:boosts_ok_gay:​ personal promo, long post 

@shadow8t4 at what time is this in UTC?

re: :boosts_ok_gay:​ personal promo, long post 

@grainloom according to the converter I looked up, it's 5PM UTC

re: :boosts_ok_gay:​ personal promo, long post 

@shadow8t4 oh hec ye, i might put it on if i remember to. not usually a stream watching person, but those categories sound nice.

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