I don't hate kubernetes, I hate kubernetes culture. The culture of tech dorks surrounding the product itself is fucking unbearable sometimes, especially on birdsite.

It's like if I wanted to be in an echo-chamber of buzzwords and shitty tech practices I could just go get employed again.

@shadow8t4 I felt the same about blockchain. At one point, at least in my country, it was such a buzzword that we banned papers about blockchain at the national Python conference. It was like "if you want blockchain, go anywhere else". It was literally everywhere, on every meetup, conference, tech talks, ...

@shadow8t4 I feel like a lot of tech is really good at this in general.


maybe you should add 13,14 more components to like it better. All of them with italian-sounding names.
So if you install

- budhelo
- mahmeta
- bardoljno
- mayala
- pupphalia

then you will able to like it.

Adding random components is always the solution under kubernetes.

@loweel should probably also install a bunch of 3rd party software that ends in "beats" so I can harvest all the unnecessary data from it


and don't remember to change the CNI with some esoteric network controller produced by some finnish company while inspired by playing death metal in some forest.

It actually feels like kubernetes is just a platform for problems, so that companies can create components, or "projects", to solve those problems, but also create new problems on their way.

@teecee @loweel oh it has definitely become a "throw money, start up more pods to fix the problem" sort of thing. I'm very aware companies are getting to the point very rapidly where to solve any problems they just start up more pods or put more services on the stack. It's ridiculous.

@shadow8t4 @teecee

absolutely. In the last 25 years of work I've seen many of this "supah-dupah-technologies" which will fix everything, make everything easy, and get rid of all the problems we have.

Useless to say, they failed.
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