about anti-furry society I guess 

We live in a society that is totally cool with multiple cartoon shows featuring anthropomorphic beings in it, but the second anyone says they identify with one of those then there's obviously something wrong with them
That's just really weird tbh.

about species transphobia 

@shadow8t4 and it just gets worse if one identifies *as* one.

about anti-furry society I guess 

@shadow8t4 I don't see the logic of people being "you're a furry so you're bad"

re: about anti-furry society I guess 

@jae often when I see it, it's because people still have the misconception that being a furry is the equivalent of being into beastiality. As much as even I have problems with how the community presents itself at times, I think that belief overshadows whatever negative conceptions one might have based on just community perception.

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