So, continuing off my previous post... I went ahead and wrote down "Support Class". It's the first thing I've written using the pens and I'm a bit rusty with my handwriting, but I love it! πŸ’™ :blobfoxhappy:​

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@shadow8t4 aww this is so pretty and good, I love it! Thanks for sharing it! πŸ’™

ink nerding 

@shadow8t4 also that TWSBI Sky Blue ink is one of my favorite blues so far apart from Monteverde Confidence Blue, which I also tried to send, but they were out of stock X3

re: ink nerding 

@Metaph oh noooooo

I appreciate it!! It's a really nice shade yeah I love blue a lot so it was cool to see that color included. >w< πŸ’™

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