Wrote these words of wisdom today, feel free to spread the good word.

I like my bananas like I like my subs 

Marked and ready to eat

selfie, no ec, old 

here's a free gift from me to you, a blurry mirror selfie from a few years back.

that titty thing that happens on Tuesdays I guess 

it's but I don't have tits yet so um.

Here, just take this commission I had done a while back I guess.

calling myself out 

So @colabunny made a meme image of me and uhh yeah.
(caption in the image description dw)

So my dad teaches a class for a local college and today I walked into the study where he usually records his videos and he has this whiteboard set up behind his chair so he can write things and I just walk in and see "MY AGE IN HEXADECIMAL IS: 39" and I don't know how to respond.

BDSM self image poll results 

All I have in response to this poll is this art I had commissioned last year lmao.

Hi this took me two hours to draw I am very out of practice but hope you enjoy also the colors are super wrong and I skipped some facial features but I can’t be fucked to go and fix them.

NYE, art, no ec 

Meant to post this with my selfie but oh well. Here's to a new year and a fuckin' new me tbh. 💙🎉
(artist: @ribbonfemale on Twitter)

How 2 play Pokemon.
- send out lvl 100 dog
- throw ball immediately
- critical capture

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