VR Chat hangout was fun, lots of dorks being cute! I got stuck in the ceiling in one room and took a screenshot hehe

Stream is over! We got to the final boss for Ratchet & Clank PS2 and uhhh

Yeah. Hard boss, gonna grind bolts. Tomrrow at noon PDT we'll be back to beat him and start on another game!!

Stream is over for today! Had a real good time, got in a Mumble call with @asonix and there was some real good dialogue going on tbh (it was very meme-worthy dialogue)

This is the most maximum effort shitpost you will get out of me and it's just a self-dunk.

Short highlight from tonight's stream. We're making great progress! Streaming again Wednesday at 6PM CDT.

Trying to dig through old Hyli posts (miss him already) and found this gem from the moment gamestop.store was suggested.

The scene from Twilight where Edward says "Say it... Say it out loud." followed up by this

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