Ayyy it's again, I'm gonna be streaming more Super Mario Galaxy tonight at 8PM CDT! I'd love for y'all to come and join! 💙


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Why the heck did I not tag this with oh my gosh lol

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For I'm playing FFVII because I haven't played it all the way through yet and the remake is out and I'm so incredibly late to the party lmao

It's and I don't have literally anything to promote except my art friend who has their posts mirrored at @ribbonfemale_mirror and SGDQ 2020 started yesterday if you're interested in that.

Happy everyone!! I made a quick bot over @ribbonfemale_mirror for my art friend to help her share her art posts! It would be neat if you could give it a follow, but understandable if not.
Also, got some good gay furs trying to move to Iowa and get their PhDs together that need funding: gofundme.com/f/22yaqjq1qo

Happy everyone. Since gamestop.store is down now and I successfully kept myself so busy that I didn't actually finish what I was working on for @ebgamesguy , I've decided to go ahead and release some UNSPOKEN LORE on the project. I really hope y'all enjoy it, it's unfinished, but there are some really nice little bits in here and jokes for those of y'all that were in there for the first week or so. I thoroughly enjoyed making this!

Special shoutout to @jay@snouts.online for hosting the instance and giving me that platform for ideas, as well as kinda "beta testing" the site.


oh shoot I was gonna write the blog post for but now it's laaate aaaaaaa

Happy !! Do you like stickers? Do you like Linux? Do you like.... foxes?

Please answer my form!! I'm giving away these lovely stickers designed by some of the lovely folks here on fedi. Links to the original posts with the art, the artists' respective accounts, etc. in the form description!


if you have a ps4 and some cash to spare, there are some big sales going on the digital store. Or, if you want to feel good today, donate to the fund

oh dam it's I will have something to release hopefully by the end of the week??...

It's and if there's anything I have to promote its actually @ebgamesguy

I'm legitimately super proud of what I'm working on with that account. Now is the perfect time to get caught up with it if you haven't been following tbh. I'm going to be releasing something very soon 👀

covid-19 related, mastomonday 

I made Discord bot you can take a look at that if you want

Good morning masto it's and today for you I have a sample wallpaper I commissioned from @isnowwolf on Telegram it's pretty neato

I once again don't have anything for but hope your islands are good and otherwise I hope you're getting through things ok.

@hyperlink Hey I wanted to post this for but I was too late, anyway I was looking through an old GDrive archive I have and I found this that I forgot I made in college enjoy

What up Mastoers my project still isn't ready for release but happy from my bedroom

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