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@ArtistMarciaX current events with koyu, but mainly just personal experiences in general. I tend to get passionate about moderation stuff whenever it gets brought up and start thinking about the shitty mods and admins I've had the displeasure of meeting over the years. When I cite these things, I have actual stories to reference backing them up. I've even had a fairly large community target me behind closed doors because one admin just had a bunch of following and didn't like that I wouldn't let them be a moderator for a chat I was in. I know what's happening now isn't exactly the same. But it's tangential.

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@david trust me, I've 100% been there...

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Final note, if they refuse to make a good CoC or ToS, they don't care about you or your experience. They care more about their ideals and whether or not they can continue to be buddy buddy with their friends than they do anyone else's experiences, and you shouldn't trust them.

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Just because you have "years of experience" or you administer or help moderate a big group or community, doesn't make you a good role model.

I've seen and personally met/talked with plenty of moderators and administrators that abuse their power, are there for the clout, create their own cult-like followings, and are generally abusive and toxic. Also, news flash - if they feel the need to constantly advertise their experience, they're not a good admin/mod. They're a power hungry or overly zealous admin/mod that wants to use their prior experience as a tool to trap you into trusting them.

@enbyss 7 is commonly used as a T for leet speak
if you substitute it you get T + T =12
Now, you can obviously just simplify that to 2T, or similarly, T2.
Finally, in some fonts an uppercase "T" looks an awful lot like a "1" so lets just substitute that back in
and there you go 7 + 7 = 12 and therefore 7 is half of 12.

@grainloom completely fair point tbh. Working with containers in general is a pain because of lack of updated and proliferated docs and best practices.

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