Stellaris is just a good version of the Spore space stage send toot

Should I:
- Go fight a bunch of enemies in an area for a 1/256 chance drop that will help me get to a place easier
- Go fight a different bunch of enemies so I can have a skill level required towards progress for a different item that will help me get to a place easier

Hey uh

Stream is cancelled for today. I'm just really not feeling it. I have to get tested for allergies again tomorrow so I can start on my treatment again eventually, and then I can start taking antihistamines again. Since I do these for fun, I'm not gonna force myself to stream when I don't feel up to it. Thanks for understanding!

these are the jokes 

@heatherhorns "asset"... "durability"...

👀 I am looking

@vantablack holy shit that's fucking trash thanks capitalismy and mysogynmy

re: vrc photo 

@Aarkethrix @Zest Ohhhhhh I thought I saw someone was doing a hangout my b

re: vrc photo 

@Aarkethrix @Zest cuties! Sorry I didn't make it tonight uwu was a little busy

@kat I didn't see this right away but I hope you are doing ok now. Things will get better and I'm really glad that we interact regularly because you're pretty neat. ;u; 💙
10/10 would recommend fantasy roommate

I didn't think it was possible, but herb runs are even more profitable in than they are in this is so wild.

@plsburydoughboy yeah actually

that's a good point and I should probably take a second look at my PS3 collection to pick up some goodies before it becomes like the current Gamecube market.

@plsburydoughboy yeah but that's partially due to just how complicated it is to try and emulate the PS3 hardware.

@plsburydoughboy I'd argue one of the best reasons to work on emulation is backwards compatibility. Eventually the PS3 isn't gonna be so available, and it would be nice to have an emulator that's ported to, say, a PS4 or PS5.

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