@igloopink yeah that's totally valid!! Sorry about the struggle tho tbh :c

@igloopink if you're talking about VR chat, you can join in on desktop without a headset. Just will be a little limited. Sorry for being a bit of a reply gal. >.<

@kindred It was so super good to see you and hang out!! Thanks for playing pool with me! :3

re: vrchat 

@kat @Zest aaaaa it was very nice to see you too Kat!! 💙

re: vrchat 

@Zest very happy to have been around and helped ya be there and stuff. 💙

personal fediblock 


Admin is posting what I would describe as uncw'ed NSFW content. It's not lewd, but it sure comes close. I'm at least censoring all media posts.

Y'all take whatever action you think is appropriate.

re: OSRS 

@melaniemoo omg you can do it lol I did that grind too.

cough here's a proof (cw: loud)

Wrote these words of wisdom today, feel free to spread the good word.

HRT joke 

oh is this what they mean when they say taste changes like I'm just gonna dunk down a shit ton of taco bell now?

Mountain Dew Baja Blast up my ass.

re: mh -, vrchat 

@Gumby @Mattie @ChlorideCull yeah, it is unfortunate how this continues to be an issue. I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

On a scale of 1 to "Alexis come on please do you even need to ask" how gay am I?

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