@avie hey so I was trying to show asonix some stuff on Navidrome and I thought you might want to see the absolute hell that is this bad UI scaling interface on mobile web view.

This is gonna be a pretty interesting experience because soon there will be two endpoint nodes on the same local network connected to lmao

Gonna be running some updates before I'm out of town. Instance will go down and other services too for a short while.

@monorail I'm upset that I can't say "Some people are named Alexis" and have the number of notes you get every time you post this

@avie I will do this I will love her so much thank you for this gift

@avie :blobfox:​

I am only a foot and a half taller I have concerns about the ergonomics of this.

@avie she is shorter than me but I am already short but I will do my best :weh:​ πŸ’™

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