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complete subtoot 

this is cute to read y'all are cute dorks

Really glad I finished that was an experience. I'll never be able to look at mr. bean the same again

entrenched in the fediverse right now

utterly and completely soaked

I actually don't want to just say "copy that" and "welcome to EB Games" I gotta come up with more material lol

I actually can't believe this is happening, what a break from my work day. I literally stopped what I was doing to create this account and meme about this is incredible.

This is the pinnacle of my internet career I've just been followed by Zac Effron on

@hyperlink judging by all these posts about your ass the snouts TL must be a hell of a ride huh

This isn't to say that I wouldn't encourage exploring other options in order to have an understanding of how other IDEs work, exploration can reveal some other tool you end up liking even more! Just that you don't need to force yourself to use something you don't necessarily like just because you want to feel respected. Anyone who treats you like that isn't work getting respect from.

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Just a reminder that you don't need to program in an IDE that does basically a minimal amount by default in order to be considered a "programmer".

I have used VI-based text editors and make files all the way up to full IDEs like VScode that I still use today. There is no shame in not wanting to use something more "hardcore". Use what you're comfortable with.

covid-19 related, mastomonday 

I made Discord bot you can take a look at that if you want

ACNH question 

haven't met flick or the turnip girl yet am I doing something wrong?

It's not that I'm using Twitter a lot, just that most of my content in general has been ACNH content that gets posted to Twitter and Snapchat. I just haven't been taking the time to duplicated it on here.

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Maybe this would be a decent time to get my tweet forwarding bot up and running again. Especially since content from me on here has been pretty sparse.

covid-19, discord 

Hey I have no idea if anyone else wants to use this thing, but I made a Discord bot that sends you updated data pulled from a reputable source on command and periodically.

It's by far not my best work, but I figured I'd go ahead and share it.

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