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(Fuck A) Silver Lining comes on

yeah fam sometimes it be like that

Dam I remember the first time I heard "American Beauty/American Psycho" that was a wild time


🎶 "Oh show me your love
your love
give me more, but it's not enough"

If you don't think black with pink is the radist fuckin' aesthetic then that's ok you are definitely allowed to think that.

🎶 "There's nothing more cool than to be loved by everybody
There's nothing more cool than to be loved by everybody but you"

Please excuse my recent poetry thoughtposting because the nonsense makes sense in my head before it spills out and makes a mess on the dashboard.

don't open unless you wanna cry, lyricsposting 

🎶 "I know the world's a broken bone,
but melt your headaches
call it home."

🌧️ 🎵 "For diamonds do appear to be
just like broken glass to me"
🎵 🌧️

Can't decide whether I feel like a god or a welcome mat and my mood is off the charts, hand me another mocha latte

Tell me you crush on me in my black denim jacket and let me fumble about attempting to kiss you on the cheek in public because I'm anxious

I just make two identical posts with different wording but I don't care that's mood fam

Simultaneously wanna give off big Twink and big hot punk girl energy

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