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@hyperlink has anyone ever introduced you to the magic of the Mario screaming game intros

Sorry I didn't have an FPS overlay and sorry I'm kinda bad at Metroid games lmao

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Anyway, yeah, here's some direct capture footage of AM2R running on Twister OS on a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB model. I overlayed htop just to give an idea of resource usage. Sorry if that's not the most useful, it's just what I had available at the moment.

I'm trying to upload this footage I recorded from my raspi 4 and it's upsetting that the solution if I want it on here is to link to another platform like YouTube because I don't want to upload it there.

I suppose I could set up my own PeerTube instance or something to get around the limitation of having to upload on an external service, but I really don't feel like supporting that project. Guess I'm sticking with Nextcloud uploads for now, which is fine. Gives people easy access to download if they like.

How the hell is anyone supposed to upload videos on here when the filesize limit is so small?

re: pokemon news 

Also, it's a Chinese government sponsored game.

Awesome. Great.

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does anyone know how to get the older version of synergy? I know there's a download link out there for Windows but I don't remember where.

Sometimes I think about VESA mounting the Raspi to a monitor and using it as a remote or something to my desktop and then I remember that's a silly idea.

Still kinda wanna do it, though. ngl isn't exactly the shortest domain, but it also doesn't cost a lot to own, so I'm happy with it.

A lot shorter than, which was the previous domain.

Shift uploaded the world record sppngebob bfbb rehydrated any% speedrun.
Time? 4 minutes and 50 seconds. Turns out there's a bug with the fast travel and you can just fast travel straight to the final boss with the necessary move set to beat it.

These devs fucking blew it lmao.

Attempting to activate Spongebob on my Switch and getting the "you are not able to play this right now" thing...

Which usually means it's out, but their servers are getting a little overloaded lmao

Posting the very short 118 birthday song thing that Jonny does in Hotel Transylvania when I hit 118 followers.

Automated Twitter Repost 

I know this level is supposed to be creepy, but I love the aesthetic

Happy !! Do you like stickers? Do you like Linux? Do you like.... foxes?

Please answer my form!! I'm giving away these lovely stickers designed by some of the lovely folks here on fedi. Links to the original posts with the art, the artists' respective accounts, etc. in the form description!

Before I make this next post, does anyone have some suggestions on how one would take addresses? I wanna give away some stuff but I don't know how I'm gonna collect the addresses to send it.

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