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Look I am not a gay male but I definitely have some favorite twinks in my life and I hope they know I platonically love them very much

I really wanna play Grounded but I have no one to play with so I guess I'll be playing the single player campaign

I've been watching a lot of Tomatoanus' speedrun explanations and I'm not afraid to admit it.


I'm girl and I love girls tiddy nice

Me, at the big mario company today: God dammi t sasuke

The only way they're gonna get me to buy a PS5 on release is if the new Ratchet & Clank is a launch title.

unemployment mentions 

Everyone's talking about how Nintendo hasn't said anything that's up for release any time soon and I'm just sitting here like "Yeah that would be good if they announced something but also I just quit my job and I don't need more excuses to make unnecessary purchases"

In a way, Master Chief is the biggest of incels, and is pretty much peak incel ideology

Cortana: Master Chief, it's time for you to be reminded that you are in essence a product of United States propaganda and a tool in which to further spread the idea that wars are "fun" to a population of younger individuals that grow up idolizing the military

Master Chief: Yes, Cortana

One of the world's still lingering questions: "Does Master Chief's suit jack him off?"

I'd probably die happy if I ever made a song half as good as the battle theme for Tokyo Mirage Sessions tbh

It's the 30th of July, 2020 and the soundtrack to Tokyo Mirage Sessions is still a fucking banger

Hey just a reminder fuck Konami they're a shitass company doing bullshit

Kanboard looks like it has integration with webhooks for Gogs, but not Gitea. I might see if I can manage to get that to work anyway, because that would be nice.

Also got an idea for a terrible project anyone with experience using image recognition or pasting data from the Wii message board HMU

I am literally just spending time customizing CSS on Kanboard lmao I wrote literally one ticket and that's it.

Up to 120 followers as of today, which is awesome!

I'm just glad that many people are interested in at least something I do lol

I wonder if I can somehow include a custom stylesheet in like a volume mount or something so I can set a default darkmode upon install or whatever for Kanboard.

That would be cool. Not totally necessary, though. There's an option to add custom CSS in the application settings anyway.

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