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Might as well share this, the Wisconsin Democrats are hosting a stream of a table reading of the Princess Bride with the original actors.

Don't mind me just enchanting emerald rings and making diamond necklaces

I should really play more Zelda games I'm just lazy tbh

I'm very excited for the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Thanks, nostalgia

Here's a reminder of what my fursona looks like as a ghost Alexis is cute fam.

Reminding everyone that its spoopy season it's perfectly valid to post spoopy now

Ok so I do have a last-ditch effort.

I could set up a raspi specifically as a samba share and connect it directly to the PS2 in an attempt to get it to connect. It would be extremely inefficient, but it would basically be the sure fire way to get this to work, and if it doesn't?

Guess I give up.

I can now say with absolute certainty that the ethernet adapter is not broken for the PS2. I can ping, and I can even connect via FTP.

It's just trying to connect to the Samba share that fails consistently. I'm not sure why, and I guess I'll just debug this another time because I'm wasting way too much effort on this right now.

Nevermind I did a ping request and it's returning just fine, so I have to assume it's my samba share that's the issue.

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I am so done with this PS2. I can't get the device to connect to my Samba share no matter what I do. I'm not even sure if it's the network adapter that's the issue or my samba config. I can tell it's at least recognizing the ethernet connection, but I can't find a sure fire way to test if the PS2 is even able to connect to anything.

Gotta grind levels and make money that's what you call efficiency

lmao I just got sniped in the wilderness have fun dude you made like maybe 70k hope it was worth the teleblock and shit.

Hope y'all are doing well this Saturday evening. The fediverse wouldn't be the same without you. 💙

I don't mean to alarm y'all, but I'm almost at 60 for my melee combat stats

I want cofe and I'm still playing runescape this is just my life now

You: God, why is getting money in Free to Play OSRS so painful? There are barely any good money making schemes and I can't even access most of the quality of life things that make money making a half decent experience!

Me, about to tan 10k cowhides: Well, back to the old grind

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