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Someone say stuff about me reply to this so I can put quotes in my bio

re: meta commentary on working in the US at least 

I just personally believe that it's so unhealthy that society believes people should know what they want to do right away and never look back and any idea that they could ever not be employed is a sin and terrible and shit. The US was supposed to be built on the idea of freedom and living your dream. How are we capitalizing on that by putting these kinds of pressures on the youth?

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re: meta commentary on working in the US at least 

Am I going to have to go back to working a job eventually? Yes, that's just reality. I can't expect that anything I produce in my off time as a self-empoyed individual with basically no following is going to sustain me forever, but I can at least try to push for others to feel comforted knowing that they aren't alone in thinking that one needs to force themselves into a career path the second they're ready and able to start working. Breaking from the mundane of a constant work life is healthy. It's ok to need to take some time away. It's ok to want to shift careers. It's ok to set some time aside to figure out what you want to do in your life.

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meta commentary on working in the US at least 

I feel like I sound like a fucking motivational speaker, but that's definitely not the goal here. It's not like I have achieved some kind of nirvana and I'm trying to enlighten others by stating how much better life is when you remove yourself from the pressures of the societal normal. It's just the idea that someone should work a job with unnecessary hours doing something they dislike for the sole purpose of making enough money to impress others isn't a great way to go about life in my personal opinion. This coming from someone who did live that life for a few years.

Success is your own measure and you owe society nothing. Fuck people who think you aren't contributing or aren't productive because you aren't fucking suffering.

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Also abolish the idea that you need to continuously work an 8 hour 5 day a week job with little to no breaks for your entire life in order to be deemed "successful" later in life.

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Abolish the idea that you need to have a successful career in order to achieve happiness.

Hey who wants to do VR Chat with me I have downloaded it and I don't know what I'm doing

Anyone think about how "Ratchet & Clank 2: Electric Boogaloo" actually sounds like a plausible title for the second game in the series?

150 marks of grace. only 90 to go.

Agility training is terrible.

It's still incredible how this platform constantly goes on about how terrible birdsite it and yet my best source for birdsite news is the fediverse.

hot take on fast food 

Taco Bell is not good.
It's not something people should eat often.

I like it sometimes, though.

nsfw joke 

Yeah Mountain Dew: Baja Blast is pretty good but have you ever heard of getting your dick sucked?

chastity shitpost 

The "Sealed for you" Taco Bell sticker but on the crotch of your pants

Said "uppies" during stream yesterday and I'm still recovering tbh

Stream is over for today! Had a real good time, got in a Mumble call with @asonix and there was some real good dialogue going on tbh (it was very meme-worthy dialogue)

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