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re: iCarly livetooting 

lmao wtf up with this dude why aren't hey reporting him instead of slamming him on a webshow

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re: iCarly livetooting 

"saw your webshow. Pretty hot."

really is that what it was it was hot?

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Who else watched the second live action Scooby-Doo movie and has only now years later realized it was one of their first moments of identifying as trans

Thinking of coloring my hair next time I get a haircut, which is probably gonna be in December sometime.
Reply here for color suggestions, and I can do blends too so take that into consideration.

How do I get YouTube to stop showing me news videos from Fox News. I do not care what they have to say.

My lesbian fantasy is dating a girl that loves me for who I am tbh.

Can't wait to be in my late twenties meeting a girl in a bookstore and falling in love even though she doesn't use the Internet much.


You cannot fathom how badly I want Texas to go blue as soon as possible.

Quinton Review is doing an iCarly video for 400k subscribers meaning I need to start watching the episodes now so I can be prepared with my opinions by the release of his video

The amount of followers I have continues to increase. Soon I will own all the cards in the fediverse, and there's nothing you can do to stop me Yugi

Do you ever feel
Do you ever feel
Do you ever feel
Do you ever feel?

re: Coffee k-cup reviews 

Entenmann's Chocolate Donut for today.
This is worse than the last one because it doesn't even smell good like chocolate. It's bitter, and doesn't taste like anything special. I felt obligated to put sugar and creamer just to get through the few sips I wanted to have.
Just avoid this.

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randomly thinks about something super embarrassing I posted years ago
Oh yeah thanks now I'm super flustered for no reason glad to have that back out of nowhere.

Curry is good y'all Americans suck for not making curry more of a thing here

Follower only selfies are like a Patreon reward from me except you didn't have to pay for them.

Fellas is it gay to halt? 😳
I mean, you are literally stopping the program from continuing instruction.... 😔

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