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I still have an unhealthy urge to commission someone to make an Alexis model for VR chat.

BDSM self image poll results 

All I have in response to this poll is this art I had commissioned last year lmao.

Received a report from sysadmin. @self is getting deleted.

I had plans for this account to be something special at some point, but I don't think I'm executing that in a way that's not potentially harmful. Regardless, I'll try again in a more thought out way in the future.

I know most of y'all probably didn't even notice the account, since I actively didn't acknowledge it or point it out, but the fact that another instance admin saw it and was concerned enough to make a report means that I wasn't doing what I wanted to accomplish.

I don't mind talking about crushing so much because I think it's normal and crushes are fleeting and I think it's good to normalize the idea of having crushes without necessarily showing someone acting on them all the time. Idk I wish I had more examples I could look to for other figures in my life being the way I am and not like, being portrayed as horny jerks.


"FUCK just hit my pussy with my yoyo"

God I wish that were me.

exercise games/apps, best saber 

I can't wait to get back to playing two handed best saber again because honestly just having something I can do for exercise that's inside and doesn't make me feel like I'm "working out" is such a relief tbh. Like I'd play tennis or something because that doesn't make me feel like I'm doing it to exercise but something like ring fit or walking I don't enjoy as much cus all I can focus on most of the time is the fact that its a workout. I'm doing it for exercise.

romantic fantasy 

high key wanna slip my arms around your neck and down your chest from behind while you're sitting at your desk and kiss your neck.

buy me cute arm warmers I'll wear them around your apartment bitch

sysadmin meta 

Just read all the public comments for the instances I have suspended and jeez there is just no way any normal sysadmin trying to start a new instance should be expected to actively keep up with all of this bullshit.


"Should I just block the freespeechextremist instance(s)?"

If you have to ask I'm defeding from y'all right fucking now.

re: BDSM related poll, self image 

This is getting more spread out than I thought it would get now lol.

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I should really make more attempts to do community related shit around here but I just haven't had the drive or motivation or felt like I could realistically organize things and that's pretty bullshit of me.

I don't need anyone's permission or a perfect idea to do things. I can just do them. And I should. I think and hope it would help more than harm. At the very least, I can try something out.

but also I've changed my mind I'll do it some other time.

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As usual I'm ignoring someone else's github repo of a container and making my own because their implementation somehow doesn't work on my machines.

docker is being docker again and telling me it can't write to a mounted volume with 777 permissions.

I'm thinking about the attempting to go supersayin video again now lmao

Might fuck around and start a rocketchat instance wyd

was gonna make a big meta post about moderation and instances. Decided I don't want to end up pissing off certain instance mods. I'll just keep my thoughts to myself.

It wasn't a subtoot btw or aimed at any specific instance or person. But I'm worried that if I posted about it, it would be interpreted that way.

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