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Dear VR game developers:

Please do a better job accommodating for left handed players. It fucking pisses me off that you cannot seem to accomplish such a small task of accessibility.


While I am indeed subscribed to the IGN YouTube channel, I do not in fact want to be recommended any of their videos ever. I simply use it as a way to skim titles to have an idea of what is going on in the industry in general.

Fuck IGN.

How 2 download Spotify songs please someone has to have this answer lmao

I mean if not that's cool I'll figure something else out or just live with YouTube music rips, but I'd prefer not to do that.

People always say "Alexis hot" but no one ever says "Alexis how" ;(

Selfies, ec, you can boost this if you like 

I am feeling cute so I thought I'd try some stuff on that I used to wear a lot. Which do you think is better? Long sleeve button up rolled up sleeves or shirt sleeve button up? :blobfox3c:​

queers on my timeline and I'm gay, this is the real life.

This is an example of a script for a video that I refuse to film lmao

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tosses VR controller on the floor Fuck you, Beat Saber I'm the most rhythmically talented and coordinated and you can't tell me otherwise!! immediately stumbles over her own controller and trips and rips the headset off her head and flops on the floor

Cheese in general is a sin that I can get behind and in my mouth tbfh

How do y'all feel about cheese wheels tbh because to me they're kinda sus like who the heck decided wheels are the best shape to make cheese were they just that excited about round shapes and didn't want a sphere

"Finally, coffee," I mutter under my breath before taking another sip. The warm, bitter taste of the freshly brewed coffee mixed with the sweetness of sugar and cream fills me with a sensation of blissful ecstasy. I turn my attention to the window. There is no God. I am the coffee Mistress. Everyone is now a barista and I'm drinking the nectar of the immortals.

Date me and also kiss me tbh just putting that out there.

how do y'all handle snow like all the time this is just weird for me

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