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(poem) Foxes Are Predators 

Here's a new one, seems like I tend to write these on Sundays maybe? Weird.
This one is introspective again, kinda venting some fears and how I see myself and how I interact with others, it's not really the healthiest mindset, but it's something I've been struggling with overcoming lately.

self meta, friendships, relationships in general 

I tell y'all to cherish your friends while you have them because I mean it. I'm scared every time I let someone get close because I know there might be a day when they just aren't that way anymore for one reason or another. Maybe I did or said something, maybe they just got too busy for me, maybe we just drifted apart.

It happens, and that's life, but I truly cherish the people I know while they're around. Maybe that comes off as a bit creepy or overbearing or whatever sometimes, but I mean it sincerely. I don't know how long you'll be close. So I cherish the time I have while you are.

I like to believe sometimes that fedi is kinda like a bunch of folks in little connected pods floating somewhere and like some of the pods have strong connections or like big pathways where folks can talk and visit often.

And I'm kinda here in my own little pod just kinda doing my own thing. Sure feels like that sometimes.

Alexis: boosts furry girls bot posts

Owa/Arty: pawbs. :blobfoxuwu:โ€‹

@ElfLord It's been years that I've followed you and I still want to frame all of your posts on a wall lmao

omg okay I figured out the custom emoji thing I think I just need to change the way the directories are structured.

But why is it like that anyway lol

Hmmmmm... Custom emoji aren't working properly either.

I might have to diagnose this issue sooner rather than later.

I'm just gonna try and figure out the about page stuff another time. Everything is up and running and up to date, that's kinda the best I can ask for right now.

Hmm... Something that has been bothering me a lot lately is that my about and about/more pages on the instance don't seem to be working... It's concerning.

Servers gonna go down for a bit while I reboot the router over here. May also run updates.

Dear neurotypicals
How the fuck do y'all do it
Just: control emotion

What's up I finally recorded myself doing the E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE custom track in
(maturity rating cus he say the fuck word)

rude, posting at no one 

When will I stop posting about AJR?

When they stop being an inspiration, shut the fuck up. :revblobfoxuwu:โ€‹

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