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Okay I found an answer, just install a new package that handles rending iframes.

Why is it always like this lmao

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Okay I'm not getting something. Can you just not do an <iframe> when you're using ReactJS (I'm using NextJS but it's just a ReactJS framework so it shouldn't matter)?

I've just realized that in making the post public I have opened myself up to folks going to my profile to see pics of me in a crop top and yup that's the last public pic on my profile of myself is me in a crop tank so it checks out.

The McDonald's employees trying to have a good morning:

Me at my mirror trying out how much of a thirsty hoe I wanna be today: "dam yeah that's good let's show that much tummy"

Let’s be honest, y’all had to do something pretty boneheaded to get a reaction like this from me.

I’m still really glad I commissioned this back in the day lmao

It looks like I’m back up and running over here. πŸ’™

Happy to see y’all again.


Yeah, I'm gonna take the servers down. Just don't wanna risk it, and the storm is already bad and right over us. Will come back tomorrow at the latest.

Instance PSA 

Oh fuck yeah this storm is supposed to hit right over us, unfortunately. I might have to shut things down. I'll wait it out a bit.

Big ol' storm heading over. I just woke up from my nap. Gonna check on that and then the servers and I'll see about shutting them down for the evening.

birdsite complaining 

lmao why is Twitter's video upload support such shit

Cool to get a spam text from "Planned Parenthood" that uses my deadname.

Yeah, not gonna trust that for even a second.

an awful pun 

come pick up these chick-gay tendies

If you can't accept me at my worst

Then that's totally understandable, everyone has their limits and I would hate to overwhelm you like that.

Kim Possible was just trans goals for me and I'm just realizing this.

guy1: I'm lonely
guy2: Ex-girflriends!
all three together: I wonder how she's doing?

re: accessibility in web dev 

Following up on this, some other things I have taken into consideration:

Everything works as best as it can without JS being enabled.

Ensuring that pages look nice and legible on mobile and desktop and in between. Basically just ensuring pages are responsive.

Server-side rendering whenever possible.

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signs that you are trapped in your emo phase 

Every time I type "I love you too" I have an extreme urge to follow it up with "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!"

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