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A friendly derg gifted me something! πŸ’™ 

I am probably not exaggerating much when I say this is genuinely one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. I mentioned once that I wished I had some nice pens and place to write down my poetry physically and @Metaph jumped at the opportunity to send me this. He even made little videos with the help of @Phoenix_Borealis to show me how to maintain the pens and use them! πŸ’™

I honestly can't express how nice it was to get this just because a friend of mine was paying attention to me and wanted to do something kind. I'm really excited to have more poems to write in this. :blobfoxmeltsoblove:​

re: villain stuff, fursona 

@heatherhorns now I'm just thinking of zobold looking in a mirror and trying to fight herself because she's her own arch-nemesis but she keeps TFing into other Heatherhornses and it just keeps happening

Yeah this is still a banger this is still probably one of my favorites of all time πŸ’™

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Holy fucking shit I completely forgot about Coffeeshop Soundtrack by All Time Low. This used to be my favorite song.

Man do I love when a song is a cis dude going "this girl used to be in a relationship with me and now she is not that is so sad how dare she :c"

So original and I love it wow let's make 947274727473747 more of these

Reasons to call me "babe" when in a relationship with me:
1) I'm hot
2) It's a good term of endearment
3) see 1
4) I will call you it back as well
5) see 1
6) makes me feel wanted and appreciated
7) see-

Hey did y'all know @Metaph and @Phoenix_Borealis are very very good and I'm love them a lot


Okay but seriously trans rights are human rights and I love writing about things that do definitely make an impact that aren't government bills or complex topics so folks can feel like they are helping. Because that shit is important.

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Omfg my Shantae: Half Genie Hero Limited Run purchase finally shipped holy fuck.

I love that game so much I can't wait to have a copy again. TuT πŸ’™

I wanna write some poems with really neat titles like
"Since When Did Winter End?"
"I Wish I Wore My Garters"

selfies, ec, :heart_trans:​ :boosts_ok_gay:​ 

Transphobes can fuck the hell off today. πŸ’™ :heart_trans:​:sparkling_heart_black_trans:​

addressing a personal RSD concern 

Hey y'all, for the record:

If any of you do wanna play Beat Saber with me, absolutely feel free to say so, because I'd love to!! Just please keep that request to DM if that's okay. :blobfoxhappy:β€‹πŸ’™

Hope y'all are doing well today!

It's okay to not to everything today. Your capacity is what it ends up being. Allow yourself that flexibility. πŸ’™

Okay, so I think I need to re-upload things, but I think I actually for real for real fixed PeerTube stuff.

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