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Hmmmm.... What's a good name for a little circle boi that spouts info

Thanks Best Buy.
I can change the name on my default shipping address yay

But not the name on the account, or the name on the primary address that they will use for account support


Hearing about how others in Texas handled the Winter storm pisses me off so much. We got super fucking lucky that it wasn't so bad for us. It's so much worse in other places. Please understand that.

From Under The Cork Tree is a good album don't you agree, Vanta? :blobfox3c:​

Hey one more post about them.

If you haven't listened to Discovery by Daft Punk then you really fucking should. Just a suggestion. Highly recommend even looking up the music video playlist and going through that, it's a treat.

Personal thoughts on social perception of trans identity 

Don't feel bad for me because I'm trans. Just be happy that you know and that I feel safe enough to announce it clearly. Change the idea in your mind that you should passively pity me and what I'm going through and praise me for being who I am despite that.

There are two modes for Alexis:

  • Sweet, cute, flustered flirt
  • Dom

hmmm it's looking like I should run server updates so things might go down for a bit here.

I'm a professional at delaying things I want to do because there is a single part of it that is a slight inconvenience.

Saying I'm a cishet for the first 22 years of my life......

But as a bit

I wanna get good at the e-boy "haha tongue out" thing because I think it's fucking hilarious you know

Like "damn haha tongue out hand on chin pout face staring at the camera"

Like just go total fuckboi but as a transbian lmao

If you can't handle me at my best.....
Man door hand hook car door

The girl reading this haha ;)

Alexis lore 

This one time for a project we were asked to encrypt a file using a generated key pair and then unencrypt it for an assignment and present both files and they said we could use anything we like so I used the GPL-3.0 license.

Announcing my newest programming project, it's going to be a service that utilizes docker peer to peer networks to create encrypted packets of the GNU license in order to facilitate hardware accelleration between virtualized computer graphic solutions.

I know I had a post idea but now it's gone thanks ADHD because now I know I had an idea but can't think of it.

Me: I should get up and do things

Also me: hmmm but what if you do not do that :thinking_very_hard:​

I think from now on everytime I make a post that's like a big story from my past or something I'm just gonna cw it as "Alexis lore"

Am I the only one who won't listen to songs that have a day in their title unless it's that day like is that just a me thing

What's up gaymers toda'y I am gonna show you how to stonk your energy drink into the fridge lets' get right into it but first ehre's a werd from our sponseor Enrgy Dronk

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