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Goals of Werefox Software

  • Provide an open and inclusive community throughout a collection of self-hosted and publicly available services.
  • Administer clear communication between members and administrators/moderators.
  • Maintain a safe environment across platforms for members.
  • Strive to provide services and features that appeal to our members and their needs.


We expect new users to at least adhere to the guidelines outlined on the flagship instance's about page, listed here, in addition to the following:
  • Posts should have a content warning attached and will be removed otherwise if they contain the following:
    • NSFW content, art, or language.
    • Political discussion, articles, quotes, depictions, etc.
    • Advertisements, including personal ones.
    • Content known to be triggering towards other users on the instance.
    • Repeated posts generally longer than the default character limit (160 characters).

In more detail, we have a curated list of guidelines listed out here.

A curated list of all public services we provide can be found here.

Please also note that our system emails are hosted by vcity.network and because of the nature of the setup, our emails *may* be sent directly to spam if you use a Gmail account. We believe that has been fixed, but it's worth mentioning in case it still happens. Additionally, it seems that the instance is down for the foreseeable future, so there may be a time when email notifications temporarily stop working while we find a new solution.

Current Administrators/Moderators

@shadow8t4@masto.werefoxsoftware.com (Admin)

Last updated: 3rd of March, 2019

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Silenced servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
lain.com sorry lain
letsalllovela.in Sorry lain
lizards.live "powered by shitposter.club"
sinblr.com possible untagged NSFW media

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
anime.website federating with gab
archivefedifor.fun fuck this guy
bbs.kawa-kun.com federating heavily with other right wing extremist instances
blob.cat federates with pl.smuglo.li
busshi.moe federating closely with other suspended instances
cawfee.club gab federation
com.ai scraping, ads
crypto-group-buy.com Created for the purpose of spam/marketing
definitely-not-archivefedifor.fun fuck this guy
enigmatic.observer federates with gab instances
expired.mentality.rip questionable ToS, no public timeline, federating closely with other suspended instances
fedi.absturztau.be Gab federator
freefedifollowers.ga I don't really know but if kiwifarms and my pi-hole block them then it's probably not good
freespeechextremist.com "Free speech" advocate
gab.com extremist apologists
gameliberty.club "Free speech"
gamers.exposed doesn't look like this instance exists anymore but how about no anyway
glindr.org gab fork
husk.site Just no
kartoffel.cafe federates with freespeach instances
kawen.space Nooooo
kitty.social federates with pl.smuglo.li
kiwifarms.cc "Free speech" advocation, extremist apologizer
koyu.space federating with gab, defederating PV
lets.bemoe.online Literally has "GNU" in the page title
librem.one hahahaha yeah right
mstdn.jp CP, unCW'ed NSFW, etc
neckbeard.xyz nope
noagendasocial.com No ToS, "can be used by anyone"
pawoo.net CP
pleroma.mouse.services nope
pleroma.soykaf.com sorry lain
pl.ohno.host ohno
pl.smuglo.li strips privacy from posts, "free speech"
princess.cat pl.smuglo.li federation, freespeechextremist federation, etc
qoto.org account privacy violations
rawr-xd.club federating with gab instances, admin closely associated with that circle
social.handholding.io no public ToS, federates with other toxic instances
social.inex.rocks nope
social.quodverum.com safe haven for Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists
social.sphere.com.ai spam, suspected scaper
society.oftrolls.com yeah ok
spinster.xyz gab fork, TERF ideology
sunbeam.city Administrator supports doxxing.
udongein.xyz Gab federation
womanarestupid.site enough said
www.canberrasocial.net “Free speech”, “All Lives Matter”, “Systemic racism doesn’t exist”
wxw.moe federating with pawoo, cp
yggdrasil.social TERF, homophobic